Cycling Sojourner

A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Tours in Oregon

By Ellee Thalheimer


The first guide book of its kind, Cycling Sojourner contains superior route information and every travel detail a budding or experienced cycle tourist needs. It’s for all levels and species of cyclists or adventurers. Beyond facts and information, the book is meant to be a good read and a muse to all who might have even the dustiest thought that a bike journey might lead them down a strange and wonderful road.


Bike Around Bend writes that “Cycling Sojourner will be THE guide for bike touring in Oregon for the next 50 years.”

BikePortland gives the book a rave review, adding “Just like the right bike can help stoke an entire new market, a good book can do the same. With multi-day bike touring already popular in Oregon, Cycling Sojourner could help it reach a tipping point.”

1859 Oregon’s Magazine says in their Winter 2012 issue that Cycling Sojourner “is bound to motivate even the most seasoned cyclists. Author Ellee Thalheimer, freelance writer and master of everything bike-related, provides readers with a helpful tool for touring Oregon on two wheels.”

The Smithsonian‘s Constant Traveler paused for a moment to talk with Ellee about Cycling Sojourner and the joys of bike touring

Cycling Portland interviews Ellee about the guide book and her other work

A lovely mention of the book in BikePortland

Hop in the Saddle

A Guide to Portland's Craft Beer Scene, by Bike

By Ellee Thalheimer & Lucy Burningham


For the first time, a guidebook unites two of Portland’s greatest passions: beer and bicycles. Nationally-published beer writer Lucy Burningham and prominent cycle guidebook author Ellee Thalheimer join forces to link the best craft beer spots in Portland with the city’s famous cycling routes.


“In a town bursting with bikes and beer, no one knows more about both scenes than writer Lucy Burningham. With her vast knowledge and experience surrounding the artisan bike culture and booming beer scene, Lucy has sipped, supped and cycled her way around Portland for years, noting her favorite meals, beers and bike paths along the way. Ride with Lucy and Ellee as they navigate you through the city’s best of the best in this guide to Portland’s food, drink and cycle culture.”

–Megan Flynn, editor and publisher, Beer West magazine

“Portland is loaded with so many beery destinations that even a longtime resident can become overwhelmed with options. Instead of taking a chance, follow Lucy to the choicest spots where the beer is top notch and the route is conveniently planned for you.”

–Alex Ganum, founder and brew master, Upright Brewing

“Portland is a mecca for many popular pursuits; chief among them, beer and biking. Lucy and Ellee’ s book captures the spirit of both of these with humor and adventure.”

–Jason French, chef/owner Ned Ludd

About the Authors

Lucy Burningham is a writer who covers food, drink and travel for a variety of publications, including The New York Times, Saveur, Bicycling, The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, Lonely Planet guidebooks, Sunset and Imbibe. She’s worked as a journalist for the past 12 years and holds a masters degree in nonfiction writing from Portland State University. Since moving to Portland in 2005, she’s had numerous beer awakenings and now proudly grows hops for her rare batches of homebrew and seeks out stinky cheeses that were born to be savored alongside a good sour ale.

Ellee Thalheimer is an accomplished freelance travel writer and cycle tourist who believes that there are few better ways to travel and learn than by bike. Co-founder of the non-profit business alliance Portland Society, owner of Into Action Publications, zealous Oregonian, yogini, author of Lonely Planet’s Cycling Italy and drinker of yerba mate, Ellee rarely turns down an adventure. Her recent love project was authoring and publishing  Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-day Tours in Oregon. When away from Portlandia, she misses the bejeezus out of her husband Joe and her puppy dog Winston.

After graphic designer Laura Cary graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, she followed her wanderlust west. She began in San Francisco, where her design clients ranged from bicycle companies to the opera. In Portland, Oregon, Laura founded Cary Design Group, a brand and identity firm. Portland has provided a welcome sense of community, bold entrepreneurial spirit and support of her love of the outdoors. Laura lives in North Portland with her husband, their son, two dogs and nine bikes.

Over the years, these ladies became friends in true Portland style: at backyard barbecues, on the World Naked Bike Ride, at cyclocross races and over beers. It was only a matter of time before they realized they were destined to combine their professional super powers to create Hop in the Saddle.

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